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We are proud to be your locally owned tire & alignment shop in Asheville, NC

How it all started

When Wheel City Motors was established in 2007 in Asheville, NC, Dewayne Stephens and his crew worked hard to make the certified pre-owned dealership a success. But as the store started to grow, they saw another opportunity.

"We were constantly sending out vehicles for lift kits," says Dewayne. "So We asked ourselves, ‘Why not just do it ourselves?’”

So Dewayne and his longtime friend Jeff Stevens opened up a new business on Patton Avenue – Wheel City Tire and Alignment, a one-stop shop for lift kits, vehicle customization, alignments, wheels and tires.

“We hired the best in the business, and we bought the best equipment.”

Wheel City Tire and Alignment opened its doors in May of 2015, and it quickly became popular among local car dealerships and customers due to the quality of their workmanship. Every piece of equipment was bought brand new, state-of-the-art, and improvements are constantly being made to keep up with today’s industry standards.

The store handles state inspections, front end alignments, brake jobs, front end work, all wheel and tire applications, lift kits and leveling/lowering kits, accessories, and full customization.

Set apart from the rest

“What makes us stand out from the rest is attention to detail,” says Dewayne. “This is what my passion has been my whole life. I’m a car freak. We have a vision of what looks good and we can help people pick that out. And we are not willing to cut corners. We want it done the right way.”

Chris Nadeau, who was the sales associate at Wheel City Motors, moved over to Wheel City and Alignment to help manage the day to day operations. He is currently managing the front counter along with Johnny Honeycutt, who also worked at Wheel City Motors for 6 years before moving over to the new shop.

Chris is proud of the work being performed and the staff he works alongside with on a daily basis.

“Chris Baird – our technician – he has over 20 years of experience in the auto industry, and is one of the best suspension/lift kit mechanics in town,” says Chris Nadeau. “You can see the workmanship that’s done here. Precision from start to finish. When you walk into our store, you are taken care of.”

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